Baal Raksha Yantra

by Ujjwal Agarwal

Baal Raksha Yantra

PROTECT YOUR CHILD FROM EVIL EYE, HEALTH HAZARDS & NEGATIVE Impacts of bad planets like Rahu/Ketu & Saturn.

BAL RAKSHA VEDIC KAVACH is a miraculous device for newborn babies and small children, as they are prone to the negative vibes therefore, it is necessary to protect your child against all evils/ill impacts, as they themselves are helpless to say so. Many Children are very much affected by the sinful effects & therefore it become essential to safeguard them.

Procedure to prepare this Yantra

Then the Bal Raksha Yantra be placed on a wooden board and worshiped continuously for 7 days by offering it flowers like Chameli, Mogra or any fresh scented white colored and lighting diya before it. Then after 7 days the Bal Raksha Yantra should be inserted inside a Copper locket and worn around the neck or on the right upper arm.