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Cancer Patient Kundali Analysis

Dhananjay Chitale – PUNE

Steve Jobs:  Pancreatic cancer was detected in October 2003.

Birth details BOD 24/2/1955, San Francisco, California




22nd Drekkana is Mars and  64th Navamsa is Saturn

  • Lagan lord is Sun and sitting in Shatabhisha Nakshatra– Lord Rahu
  • Saturn sitting in Vishakha Nakshatra (Jupiter) Connection of 64th Navamsa and 8th lord
  • Mars sitting in Ashwini Nakshatra (Ketu)
  • Ketu in Rahu Nakshatra and Rahu and Moola Nakshatra
  • 4th house lord Mars which is 22nd Drekkana
  • Ketu aspecting Sun, Saturn, Venus
  • Venus sitting in Sun Nakshatras
  • Venus in Uttarashadha (Sun Nakshatra)
  • Moon lord of 12th house and in Uttarabhadrapada (Saturn Nakshatra) Connection of Moon and Saturn
  • Jupiter is said to promote growth of cancer cells and is also retrograde so it is strong.


Final Analysis

Sun is deeply disturbed. It is strong (latitude 12 degree 30 minute) sitting in enemy sign, aspecting own house (Lagan). This Kundali has many associations of malefic planets mainly Ketu and Rahu with Saturn (64th Navamsa), Jupiter, Sun, Mars etc. 6th, 8th houses are also involved. Sun is Lagan lord which is self and is afflicted (as described above) and so the immunity has weakened and affected by malefic and hence the bad health condition was the effect of this.  Any health condition could have happened in Sun or Rahu/Ketu or Saturn Dasha. In this case the cancer was detected in Sun/Rahu Dasha. We know that Sun is responsible for organs near navel area. Pancreas are near the navel area at the back side. Saturn /Rahu is responsible for cancer so that explains the medical condition.


Cancer could   be predicted as highly likely but regardless some problem related to Sun/Saturn/Rahu/Ketu was always possible in Dasha or antra Dasha. But using Vedic Kundali analysis we can definitely relate it now.

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