Mercury – I wonder what it wants to know (Student Nakshatraspeaks)

by Student Nakshatraspeaks

Mercury – I wonder what it wants to know

Rimzim Bhargava (Pune, India)
Student NakshatraSpeaks

And I lifted my pen to write again. Hey, who did this??  Mercury, yes the most curious planet, gives the ability to write, communicate. It is planet of learnings, Intelligence and Logical thinking. Though it is considered the smallest planet in today’s era but can bring biggest changes in its Mahadasha/Main period in life.

It is also nearest to the sun, sometimes It is so much near that it becomes combust and retrograde at the same time. This is the reason why in most of the horoscopes Mercury and Sun are either placed in one house or just next to each other.

Now you must be curious to know why mercury has been tagged as the most curious planet in Vedic astrology. Because this planet is also the karaka of learnings so whosoever is under the influence of this planet will be always curious to know and learn more and more.

Infect mercury plays a very important in completing one’s education during his/her lifetime and with all these qualities, It has been considered as one of the most benefic planet in Vedic astrology next to Jupiter and Venus.

Signs owned: –Gemini and Virgo (exalted in Virgo)

Houses Ruled:-3rd and 6th house

Organs Ruled –Throat, Skin, Nervous system,

Professions ruled: –Writers, Authors, Poets, Sales and Marketing, Business and Astrology too.

Mercury – Atmakaraka Planet

Can you even imagine, this childish, smallest planet can become your atmakaraka Grah? The Planet holding the highest degree as per, Chapter 1 in Jaimini Sutras is called Atmakaraka Grah.

आत्मादिकःकलादिभिर्न भोगः सप्तनामष्टानांव

AtmadikaH kalaadibir na bhogasspatanaamaShtanamva

Think if you have Mercury as atmakaraka in your horoscope, your whole life will revolve around your learnings, communications, and curiosity. A Person will be bestowed with more of mercury qualities. I would like to name such planets as the planet of transformation. A person and his life is transformed from good to better. But one has pay the cost and go through rough journeys. A person with an Atmakaraka Mercury may also be interested in dance, yoga, newspapers, magazines, television etc. Caring for in laws, relatives, and friends can bring good luck and fortune. People with an Atmakaraka Mercury receive good luck if they change their name.

My experience with Mercury as Atmakaraka Planet

Learning and exploring became the important part of my life during this Dasha. Communications started playing major role in both professional and personal life, and lastly, being an atmakaraka planet, I experienced the major transformations in life every now and then during its Dasha.

And This is why I really came to know what it wants to know.


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AJAY KUMAR SHARMA October 9, 2021 - 12:10 pm

Really this website helps many people in finding solutions to their problems. Dr. Ujjwal Sir is expert in his field. With his consultation, I personally solved many problems of my life. I would like to thank you Dr. Ujjwal Sir.

Swatibharagava October 10, 2021 - 4:13 pm

Good write up with adequate understanding
and nicely elucidated matter. Though these readings of planets is beyond my understanding yet after going through the article I can relate to some of the happening around me

Nakul October 9, 2021 - 1:45 pm

Though I didn’t understand the technicality, i do get the how it has got you affected. The article is very informative and makes me more CURIOUS. Gr8…