ShatKarma in Tantra Shastra

by Ujjwal Agarwal

ShatKarma in Tantra Shastra

The six karmas, or categories, of Tantra chores are known as ShatKarma. In it is the totality of the Tantra. As for the shatkarma, it is as follows:

      1. Shantikaran
      2. Vashikaran
      3. Uchchatan
      4. Vidveshan
      5. Stambhan
      6. Maran


Its true intention is to promote peace. Shantikaran is utilized to bring wealth or serenity into a person’s life or family. This is also employed for the welfare of spirits or spirits who torment people. Shantikarma has no negative effects.


In reality, it means to exert control over someone. One of the most common applications of shat karma, which is utilized to put someone under our control and force them to perform as we like, is to accomplish this. Usually, lovers or those who are grieving utilize this to win back their love.


Its true meaning does not involve feeling content or at ease. This is also one of the most common ways for shat karma to separate two or more people from one another. It causes the target to separate from the other(s) since he or she will begin to feel uneasy or unhappy around them.


By causing significant misunderstandings between the targeted persons, Vidveshan intends to spark arguments or violent clashes. It utterly wrecks one’s life because they are constantly engaged in conflict.


It refers to ceasing or immobilizing the use of a tantra. It keeps the usage Quiet, preventing injury to the target from the use. Depending on the practitioner, it could be for a little period of time or for a long one.


Maran intends to murder a person. This is one of the most hazardous tantric uses because it can either kill the target instantly or slowly, depending on the strength of the spell. It is always advised not to use this in common because it is typically utilized by bad forces. It is only ever used as the last resort for self-defense when all other options have failed.



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