Brahmasthan in Vastu Shastra

by Ujjwal Agarwal


Brahmasthan is a unique feature of ancient architecture based on Vastu Shastra. It is central, holiest and powerful zone of the house. All directions meet at the center of the house and disperse positive energy in all directions. This positive energy is very useful for living beings of the occupants of the house.


Devata Brahma
Direction Center
Planet Jupiter
Attribute Supreme Creator
Metal Gold
Body Part of Vastu Purusha Navel, Stomach and Spine
Energy All energy started from this part in the house
Brahmasthan Should be light and open

Precaution about Brahmasthan in Vastu Shastra

  1. Brahmasthan should never be heavy ( no heavy furniture, walls, machine, etc.)
  2. There should not be a toilet or bathroom in  center of the premises. Because it invites illness to the family members.
  3. Kitchen at the center of the house brings frequent illness & poor growth.
  4. Staircase in the center brings a heavy burden on  head of the family- financially and mentally.
  5. Pillar in the center is also a serious & major Vastu defect. Pillar is having a load of structure making the center very heavy which will not allow your efforts to move into the right direction.
  6. Brahmasthan should never have any water and Pit or depression.


Impact of Brahmasthan

  1. Family members may suffer from stomach or back related health issues
  2. Financial problems in life
  3. Obstacles in progress.
  4. Delay in marriage or problem in marriage
  5. Difficulty in conceiving
  6. Lack of peace of mind


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