Padavinyasa in Vastu Shastra

by Ujjwal Agarwal

Padavinyāsa (पदविन्यास)

Padavinyāsa (पदविन्यास):—The mandala is used in site planning and architecture through a process called the Pada Vinyasa. This is a method whereby any site can be divided into grids/ modules or pada. A site of any shape can be divided using the Pada Vinyasa. Sites are known by the number of divisions on each side. the types of mandalas with the corresponding names of sites is given below.

1 square corresponds to Eka-pada (single divided site)

4 squares corresponds to Dwi-pada (two divided site)

9 squares  corresponds to Tri-pada (three divided site)

16 squares  corresponds to Chatush-pada(four divided site)

25 squares  corresponds to Pancha-pada(five divided site)

36 squares  corresponds to Shashtha-pada(six divided site)

49 squares  corresponds to sapta-pada(seven divided site)

64 square  corresponds to Ashta-pada (eight divided site)

 81 squares corresponds to Nava-pada(nine divided site)

100 squares  corresponds to Dasa-pada (ten divided site)



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