Direction of Sleep as per Vastu Shastra

by Ujjwal Agarwal


Direction of Sleep as per Vastu Shastra

Sound, comfortable and timely sleep, apart from food, water and shelter, is one of the most essential thing which we all need daily. On an average, a human spends one-third of his life sleeping. As per Vastu, you are free to sleep with your head in any direction EXCEPT NORTH. However, sleeping with head in different directions has different affects on sleep quality of people.

Sleeping With Head Towards South:

As per Vastu experts, this is the most ideal sleeping position according to Vastu, as this direction is the house of deity Yama and thus is associated with gaining wealth, happiness, and positivity. Also, it coordinates with the Earth’s magnetic field, so it ensures you keep getting enriched with positive vibration and eliminated the negative ones. It is highly recommended for people to get quality sleep, especially for the ones residing in the northern hemisphere of the Earth. You will feel significant improvement once you start sleeping in south orientation.

Sleeping With Head Towards North:

Sleeping with your head in North direction is not recommended by Vastu shastra. This is just the opposite of the one discussed above and is associated with health effects. It can cause strain to the heart and brain as the iron enriched blood flow gets influenced due to the magnetic field.  In fact, as per Vastu, one must never keep his head in North while sleeping. Only a dead-body’s head is kept towards North direction. If one sleeps in this position, then he/she faces major sickness and remains sleep deprived.

Sleeping With Head Towards West:

As per Vastu, sleeping in west is also favorable direction. This position is sort of neural as it is not too beneficial as East or South but has some advantages. If you are looking for success, in business or workplace, then sleeping in this direction is the best. Sleeping with head in West gives name, fame, reputation and prosperity.

Sleeping With Head Towards East:

As per Vastu, sleeping in east is also favorable direction. For all you students out there, east is your ideal sleep direction. Sleeping with your head pointing east is a boon for any academic pursuits. It boosts memory, increases concentration, and promotes meditative sleep, resulting in good health. East is recommended for scholars, teachers and those looking for fresh career opportunities or promotions. The quality of this sleep is thought to make a person feel powerful and energized.




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